april 2010

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It's turning into a shit night.
april 2010
Tyler came by after work to get more stuff and work on getting Comcast switched over. I mentioned that I'm going to the World Beer Expo this weekend, and he said he's cutting down his drinking because he's going back on meds. When I asked him why he didn't do that while we were together (like he promised when I first got back with him), he didn't want to talk about it. Then I asked him something else, and he started saying that I was too controlling in our relationship... It's like he's blanking over the specific reasons (keeping him off drugs, not letting him get dogs) and justifying it to himself with a catch-all statement that makes him sound good.

Then later, Khan puked up worms, so now I have a vet bill coming.
Then, while washing the rugs that were puked on, the drainage pipe for the washer in the wall leaked all over the floor... so I have a plumbing bill coming.
Also, while cleaning everything up, I remembered that I have cavities that I have to pay cash to take care of now, because I won't be on Tyler's insurance since we're not getting married. So a dental bill coming.

Tyler needs to get me my $6575 ASAP.


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