april 2010

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Kitties are ok, fastest truck sale ever, on a motherfucking boat
april 2010
Took Khan back to the vet and weight, heart rate, and temperature all checked out, so it meant she was just sore from the injections. The vet didn't bill me for the visit, just for the pain medication, so that was awesome.

Damon (the plumber) was running pretty far behind, so while I waited, I made a sale sign for the truck. 30 minutes later, there were 2 guys in the driveway looking at it. I went out to say hi, and they test drove it and we haggled for a bit and I ended up selling it for $150 less than I was asking. While they went to get the cash, Damon showed up and upgraded the old 1.5" metal pipe to a 2" PVC pipe, which is working much better.

Just as he was finishing up, the guys came back with the cash, and I was able to pay Damon out of the money I got from the truck, and everyone was happy. Yay for things working out.

Scott came over afterward and we played Katamari, watched a movie, and went to BC.

Went for a walk with Jess in the morning, then we took a little break and did some more walking to garage sales. While we were on the way back, her husband Erick caught up to us in his truck and asked if we wanted to go on a boat! Of course we did!

So we went over to his friends place and they took us around lake Ponemah on their pontoon. It was a double decker, so we girls got to sit up top and despite 2 layers of sunscreen, I still burned, as expected. Then we docked the boat at T-Bonez to eat. It was my first time there and the burger was excellent, and their Ponemah Punch might be my new favourite mixed drink. A mixed CD with "I'm on a Boat" was played.

Unfortunately, the trip took longer than estimated, because we were stuck waiting an hour for the last person to arrive, so I didn't get back in time to meet Tyler to do the bank stuff. So he went to apply for the loan alone, then I was back and we took care of Verizon and Consumers. I was too late to get to Charter before they closed.

Then I went back to Jess's and we played some Katamari on the PS3. Then we took a massive amount of pop cans from her garage back and ran some errands at BC, Sally's, VGs, and Walmart.


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