april 2010

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april 2010
Got a call from Erick that he was getting a tattoo done at his house. So I headed over there, met his friends, drank and had a great time.

A friend came over and cooked for us. He made the best steak ever and showed me how to tell if it was "done" or not. He also taught me about blanching asparagus, which in taste, texture, and appearance makes it a lot better than just cooking it. I made a bread pudding, but added too many eggs because I thought they were too small looking. Big mistake, LOL.

Then we went to see Little Shop of Horrors live at the Performance Network Theatre in Ann Arbor. I had gotten tickets for over half off ($15 each) the day before, and it was freaking amazing. They were in their second extended run, and this was the final weekend. The cast was very professional, some having previously done broadway work. The set design made great use of a small space and folded and rotated to give great views and scene changes. The smaller Audrey 2s were automated, which was rather neat. I will definitely see future shows there too as there was not a bad seat in the house. I had no complaints about being in the 4th row though.

World Steam Expo in Dearborn! I didn't think I was going to get to go, but Jessica had mentioned it to Erick before she left, and he wanted to go, so yay! For a crash course in Steam Punk, check out this MTV series of vids.

When we first got there around 11ish, it was very slow even though programming was going on and the dealer's room wasn't open yet. So we left and had PF Changs for lunch then walked around the mall. When we came back, it was getting busier and we took a quick walk in the dealer's room before going up to listen to Phil Foglio's reading.

The dancing lessons went on a bit longer than scheduled, so we got to watch the tail end of those before the reading. The Girl Genius novel he was reading from was very good, and time was up at the best/worst time. It was a cliffhanger moment that just made everyone want to buy the book I'm sure!

Afterward, I asked for his autograph and a picture, and he even drew a little doodle for me! Super nice guy.

Next we went back to the dealers room where I bought a cap and goggles from The Blonde Swan. I was very particular about the goggles and opted for purple lenses, with a silver heart cut-out, and finally golden gears, so 3 layers. Then I picked up a bandana from Miss Monster and extra Mario goggle inserts from another booth. I also got an official expo shirt and a Moogle (in the Google logo style) shirt.

Then was the Doctor Steel panel. The message they were spreading just made me feel super happy. Be yourself, be creative, etc.

A Bartitsu lesson was next. It was moved outside due to the size of the crowd. Lots of fun to see a guy in a Sherlock Holmes-esque costume teaching defensive martial arts.

Wandered around a bit more, then got in line for the concert. Sadly, the concert ran about 2 hours behind so we were waiting for that whole time. When they finally started though, it was amazing! A couple of the acts were RenFest musicians, and they could be a lot dirtier than they are at the Fest. Very different type of show.

First was Abney Park, who although I was looking forward to Tartanic the most, I ended up liking them the best. The lead female singer had a great voice and was really nice to boot. A female fan had been excessively chatting (flirting) with the male lead after the show, and she politely stopped her and worked us in for a group photo.

Next was the Bawdy Boys, who started off a bit rocky, and then just got raucous. Totally awesome and dirty. I mean, when you're talking about Jesus Christ cumming in people, that's just hilariously insulting to someone. I think they might've been somewhat drunk though because Tartanic seemed like they were trying to take the stage and the Bawdy Boys were on quite longer than the other acts.

Finally was Tartanic, a good solid show, again with little censorship since there were no children present. Got photos afterward with them.

Wanted to stay for the alien puppets and clowns, but it was getting a bit late, so saving it for next year.

Went to do my game demo day, and no-one was there. After about a half hour, got a call from Erick and he just totally twisted my arm to go on the boat. (haha, yeah) So spent about 8 hours on the lake, good times but really had to pee by the end!


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