april 2010

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april 2010
I just logged into my LJ for the first time in like a month, and all my custom colors and stuff I set up are gone! :(

Life has been busy and summer has been good. I've been failing at losing weight, but succeeding at getting toned. Fair trade, for now. I've started using the Gazelle on days that I don't walk with Jess. I can do the 20 minute work-out (Intermediate) and hope to eventually be able to do the 30 minute.

I've been scaling down my doll collection majorly. Focusing on SD's and only keeping 3 MSDs and 3 Puki Pukis. Been doing heavy trading since the marketplace is slow. The trade that has made me happiest so far was getting an Angelheim Zion with snakes. Though within the next couple days I should have a DOD Homme Duncan showing up for a trade as well.

July was slower than June, but filled with more little things like boating, swimming, walking, etc.

July 6th - Went to the Fabulous Flamingos Exhibit with William at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. It was awesome, and quirky, and only $5 to get into the conservatory part of the gardens. Well worth it since this is where the more exotic plants are. It's split into a tropical and desert section and has a HUGE variety.

July 22nd - Berry picking at an orchard. Pretty cool, and my first time doing it.

July 24th - Ann Arbor Art Fair with Clinton as our first date. The Ann Arbor Art Fair is actually 4 fairs in one. It was a good time!

July 25th - Flint Institute of Arts with Steve to see the two glass exhibits (Tiffany and Tagliapietra) and catch the last day of the Japanese woodblock print exhibit.

July 28 - Sneak preview of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Amazing movie!

July 31st - Attended Maker Faire in Dearborn with Clinton on our second date. Very cool, like stepping into an alternate world of strange inventions (many of which were made to look odd on purpose, I'm sure). Plus we were able to explore the Henry Ford museum.

Afterward we went to Erick's birthday party and Clinton stayed on my couch since we'd both been drinking. In the morning I woke up early when I heard him go to the bathroom and was rather cranky and hung over. I made us breakfast then kept hinting that he should head home because I wanted to go back to bed, but he didn't seem to get it, so I kept getting more cranky until I finally bluntly told him to go. Almost 24 hours together on a second date is too long. I must've sounded too cranky though, because I never heard from him again after that. :P

August 13th - My friend Jeannie was in town from California and I went to a Primitive Rendezvous with her and a couple other people. It was really neat because it was less commercial than a Renaissance Festival (different time period too).


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