april 2010

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Motor City Comic Con, Facebook
april 2010
Walked with Natalie in the morning.

Went to FNM at Gamers Sanctuary with Scott and Brian, but didn't play Magic. Instead played some Carcassone and Thunderstone. Thunderstone was much easier and quicker this time around.

Then went to Buffalo Wild Wings where we were treated to free entertainment. It was prom night in Flint, and one of the prom-goers threw a glass of water at a waitress. We watched as they were escorted to the lobby, and the police arrived in the parking lot. It was almost as interesting to watch everyone else in the restaurant watching the kids, as it was watching the proceedings themselves.

We found out that the group had been told they'd need to leave at a certain time because they weren't 21. Then when the time came, they decided they didn't need to pay for their food because they were being kicked out. The ones that paid got to go, but the cops arrested the ones who didn't. I'm sure it was the most memorable prom for some of them.

Motor City Comic Con with Scott, which was way cool! I forgot my wallet, which kept me from spending as much as I would've liked to, but that was probably a good thing. Fortunately Scott fronted the money for a few things I felt I couldn't get anywhere else, such as: chocolate 20 sided dice, a Frank bunny-suit statue from Donnie Darko, and a Zombie Wars: The Living Dead Strike Back poster by Matt Busch. Scott also purchased a Shy Guy figure for me as a gift, which is currently being terrorized by Frank.

While we were waiting to get our books signed by Max Brooks (I had 2 copies of World War Z with me, one for myself and one for Jess to give to Erick), a guy walked by and said loudly, "I heard Max Brooks is an asshole". I turned to Scott and asked if he thought it was true, then the guy walked around the other side of the table and it turned out it was Max Brooks himself who said it! LOL. Side note: not an asshole.

Afterwards we went back to my place, and watched the worst zombie flick ever, "Autumn". It's not even a good type of bad film. Poor David Carradine. "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" by Terry Gilliam on the other hand was amazing!

Also had Dairy Queen turtle sundays, and measured the yard for the fence I'd like to put in. Played a bit of "We Love Katamari", though PS2 graphics on a HD TV make me want to cry.

Today I walked with Jessica for about 2 miles in the morning, then went to lunch with her and Erick at Lucky's.

Then it was time for running featured board game of the week, which was "Small World". I arrived at the store 45 minutes early, and the semi-annoying guy was there, with his copy already set up... which really irked me because I was supposed to run it, and I told him last week I'd bring my copy. Jessica was awesome and said in a loud voice, "aren't you supposed to be running this?". LOL. I asked him, "You know this doesn't start until 2, right?" Then said, "At least we can use these from my set", and brought out the photocopies I made of the expansion tile explanations".

He further irked me by asking what WE would be running next month, and I said that I would be talking to Bob about it and seeing what he wanted since the idea was to promote games the store carries. He also brought up that he wanted to run a munchkin tourney on a Sunday. I said maybe he should shoot for another day so it could be talked up as a tourney, but he really wanted to do it Sunday. The other problem is, the store runs MTG tourneys on Sundays now. Also, I asked what sort of prize support there would be, since if that was put in the advertising, it would be more likely to draw people. He said that it would take a month to get the prize support, which made me wonder why he was even talking about scheduling one for next month.

So we did 2 games of Small World, then I went outside for 10 minutes for a break and to get some info on my car from another guy at BC. When I came back in, he had started another game with the people who had been playing Dominion.

I was so upset, that I told him he should take over starting next month. I had put the effort into making up signs and coordinating everything with the store owners, and I was approved, yet he's trying to insert himself in a co-coordinator position. I told Chris that he'd be taking over next month, stating that I thought my life was just going to be too busy, and he said ok... but gave me a funny look. Later I explained the circumstances, and he was like "hell no then!". Plus the guy had talked down MTG, which is pretty much the bread and butter of the store.

I texted Jessica and asked if she wanted to go for another walk, since I had frustration to work out. Later, when I was walking with her, I received a call from Chris, who handed the phone to Bob, and Bob told me they had been having some other complaints about the guy and they wanted me to keep hosting. Hopefully this can be resolved without any drama, I emphasized that I felt bad about the whole situation, but am not good at conflict. It did feel really good for them to have that faith in me though. :)

After the second walk with Jessica and Erick, we decided to have drinking and Katamari, and they talked me into a facebook... finally. I HAD been holding out. *sigh* After you have 20ish different people bring up how you need a facebook in the span of a week, it's kinda hard not to get one.

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Still shaking my head over Autumn. Just as I tell everyone to watch Dr. Parnassus, I also tell them to avoid Autumn.

Oh, I talked to Steve about the whole Friday night thing and playing games. He doesn't give a damn, as long as I'm answering some judge calls and paying attention to the round timer, it doesn't matter what I do during the rest of the times. If it were a bigger event, like our upcoming Mox tourney, then it would be different. At that one, I'll be almost constantly walking the floor and watching games for rules violations and cheating.

As for Sundays at BC, remember that you have my copy of Talisman which would be a good one to demo. With a new expansion coming out soon, it might be the right time to give people a nudge towards it.

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