april 2010

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World Beer Expo
april 2010
On Friday Steve picked me up and we lapped the mall twice (two miles) before heading to Gamers Sanctuary to play games with Scott. Got some Carcassone and Ingenious in and ate at Bar Louie for my first time. I was so tired and not looking forward to the prospect of sitting through 5 or 6 rounds of MTG so I hitched an early ride home with Matt.

Rested up at home a bit, then got a text from Jessica saying that she was hungry. I asked her if she wanted my leftover chips from Bar Louie, and she did, so I buzzed up to BC Comix. She ended up losing the round she was in, and she and Erick dropped early, so I went to Lucky's and had a drink while they had dinner. Then played Katamari at her house for a while.

Bob had invited me to the World Beer Expo in Frankenmuth and his friend Brandon picked me up. Had a really good time even though I don't like beer. I had 14 mini mugs of my own and about 30 sips of other people's beer, so I got to try a lot. I ended up using selection methods involving matching my hair color, coolest free swag given away, and sexiest chicks on the labels. The coolest free swag I got was a 6 sided die from Magic Hat.

We ate at the Black Forest twice, it was delicious. Did a little bit of shopping around. I tried deep fried Oreos. All in all, just a really good time.


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