april 2010

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Holy crap, it's been a month since I posted!
april 2010
Facebook has totally drawn me in. FUUUUCCCCKKK.

I spent lots of time walking with Jessica. Usually at least 5 days a week and worked up to a base of 3 miles per walk. We find different routes around town, or head out to the Holly Recreation Area. Even though the weight is coming off slowly, I do feel healthier mentally and physically.

I hosted more game days at BC Comix, but stopped after the month was up. Not having Sundays free was killing me during the summer when there is so much to do. Also have gone swimming a number of times.

June 10th-
Garage sale-ing with Jess was super freaking awesome. Scored a copy of Killer Bunnies for $3 and a nice papazon chair with cushion for $15 as well as a few other things.

Tried to see "The Seafarer" at Performance Network Theatre in Ann Arbor. However, the Bailey's phone got us lost and we were too late. They felt bad since I had paid for all the tickets in advance, so they ended up treating me to fishbowls that I split with Jessica at Good Time Charley's.

Jess and I ended up wasted, Erick was our DD, and we asked him to pretend like he was going to order something at Starbucks so we could sneak into their bathroom. They had little baggies in the stall that were the same ones they'd use up front for pastries and such, and I took one, stating something like "If I took this up front, I wonder if they'd put a cookie in it". After giggling and being retarded in the bathroom, the 3rd stall door opened and another girl walked out, LOL.

June 12th-
Had a scare that Tyler cheated on me when we were together because my sister saw him shopping at Lover's Lane. Later retracted my post, even though I still think he may have. The lack of sex, his late nights, being broke in spite of overtime, and a number of other things still bother me. I had been suspicious enough to ask him about it a month before he dumped me, so it's not a new thought.

June 16th-
In the morning went shopping with Jess at Great Lakes Crossing to spend my Victoria's Secret gift card. It was good to have another chick to go bra shopping with. This was also when I discovered I'm now a 40D. If I can keep my chest and lose just from my thighs and waist, I will be a very happy girl.

The discs I had ordered for disc golf came in. So Erick, Jess, and I went discing with Kristina and Nick. Awesome time, though we weren't as good as they were.

June 17th-
Went to see Aga-Boom with Steve at the Midland Center for Performing Arts. It's a trio of performers who broke off from Cirque Du Soleil and now do a clowning act in the style of Blue Man Group. I wasn't as blown away as I was expecting to be, but it was a good time.

June 19th-
Went to the Dixieland Flea Market for the first time with Erick. Scored a cable modem for $10, which is great because I don't have to pay Charter $5/mo to rent one now. Woo Hoo! Saw an awesome steam-punk style bike, but no vendor around to ask about it.

June 20th-
Detroit Zoo with the Baileys! Jess and I acted like kids a bit, sitting on a giant turtle statue and such. Afterward we shopped at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I also had my first visit to Chipotle (which is similar to a Qdoba).

June 21st-
Went to my first Martini Bar to catch up on life with Zak. We had the awesomest martini flights, which were served on metal trees.

June 23rd-
Went to Redwood Lodge for the first time to meet up with Bob. Then saw "The A-Team", which I surprisingly enjoyed.

June 27th-
Beer-o-lympics at Heathers house, then hopped over to the Linden Summer Happening with Brandon, grabbed food, back to the party, then Steve came over to my place and we watched more Excel Saga.

July 3rd-
Swimming with Jess and Erick. Jess made a sand palace and I made a sand dragon. All these little kids kept asking what we were doing and how we were doing it. Apparently their parents had never taught them how to make sand castles. It was sad, but it also kinda pissed me off. The kids kept wanting to take our buckets, which were just little drink buckets from TeeBonez and would've gotten wrecked because they were flimsy.

Later that evening, Jess and I went walking around Royal Oak with Steve, where we had some misadventures, including accidentally breaking into a winery. The guy said we could look around in the basement, and the door to where they kept the wine was unlocked so we walked in. A few minutes later, a lady came down and said she could get fired for us being in there. Hehe.

July 4th-
Received a 2nd hand invite from the Baileys and watched fireworks on Lake Ponemah from Bill's boat. It was a great night until the mosquitoes finally found us.

I also started talking to a friend of a friend named William, who reached me through Facebook, and we've exchanged a lot of e-mails, texts, phone calls, etc. After 3 weeks of communication, I finally met him in person last Thursday and things got hot quick, probably due to that we were turning each other on just through writing, so there was a lot of pent up horniness.

He had me on the floor in the first 15 minutes of visiting. Basically, he baited me by blocking a doorway and saying, "oh, are you going to push me out of the way?" Being the flirt that I am, I took the bait and did. To which he responded by grabbing my arm and flinging me toward the desk. I, of course, land by bracing my arms toward the desk, ass out, and receive a spanking and then teasing. I kicked him and he grabbed my foot, forcing me to hop around a bit, then I tried to take him down when he didn't relent. He landed me on the floor, wrestling ensued. Fucking HOT.

He just spent the last couple nights here as well, and even mowed my lawn for me and brought me a wireless router. So he's super sweet and a good guy, I'm just not exactly sure what we're working toward... if this is friends-with-benefits type thing, or if we're actually in some sort of bizarre relationship. I am fine with it either way, just not getting emotionally attached right now to protect myself.

The reasons I'm not sure this could turn into anything more is that he does/says some things that are socially awkward, he doesn't treat me romantically or like a girl outside of the bedroom, and I feel like I'm giving him more attention than he gives me. I'm used to going on dates where the guy is actually trying to flirt with me and spoil me, and William definitely treats me more like a friend. I have a nice time hanging out, and a fantastic time doing everything short of sex with him, but some of those base qualities I was expecting from his letters aren't there or aren't being communicated. So leaving the ball in his court for now.

I did have a good time at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor with him yesterday. It contained more than I expected, but covered less area than expected (if that makes sense). The grounds are completely free to visit, but the $5 is well worth paying to enter the Conservatory. The initial reason I wanted to go was because I saw they were having a "Fabulous Flamingos" exhibit. Modified lawn flamingos that were dressed/painted as dragons, vampires, brides, ladies, gentlemen, and strawberries.

Riding in his big-ass diesel truck was also very exciting. I liked having to climb to get up into the seat, and the feel of him accelerating onto the highway with his manual shift. God awful mileage though. I put $15 of gas in the tank to contribute toward the trip to Ann Arbor (5 gallons) and it just guzzled it.

He took me driving around a bunch of back-roads and to what he said was a "real" A&W, the kind with the old menu (even though the name had changed). He recommended the hot dogs with the red sauce and onions, my first of that kind, and it was delicious.

We attempted to disc golf with Jess, but there was a league going on and the guys were douches, so we did one hole, managed to lose William's disc, and left. Drinks and food at Sagebrush later almost made up for it though.

So yeah, life is good. :)


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